life planner …


Have you ever thought ….

What’s my schedule today?

When do the kids need to be at practice?

When do we need to pay the builder / tradesperson? …and how much?

Did my client pay me last week?

Did my children finish their tasks this morning?

If so…. ezyorganizer gives you all the tools you need to help you stay on any schedule and keep your busy life organized, simple and easy to use, including a CALENDAR so you can see your progress at a glance.


How does it work ?

watch our playlist…

Home build & renovation projects.

… for home owners, professionals, contractors, and realtors… agree a plan, keep track of progress, know the budget, track payments, send real time messages, monitor the quality of work… reduce the stress & get in control.

Weddings, Birthdays & Events.

….plan for any event…. weddings, birthdays, conferences, parties, trips, or a family project… create your plan, assign to-dos, manage budgets, track status, communicate to attendees … and rest easy …. your event is organized & under control.

Hobbies, Gigs, Lessons, Sports …. any activity.

…plan and keep track of anything… hobbies, gigs, kids tutoring, sports or music lessons… diarise your sessions, track payments made or due, chat with your family, client, teacher … store files and invoices… chat and communicate… keep your diary organized and stay in control.

and introducing the new fun KIDS Rewarder !!

Set goals and activities.

… agree a goal with your child … and the chores, tasks and activities to realise them… use our templates to ORGANIZE a schedule … and assign credits for reach action.

Encourage good behaviour.

….reward them when they complete an activity… let them watch with satisfaction as their accomplishments increase…. and their credit balance increases on their way to their goal.

Reward their achievements.

…when they reach their goal… let them claim a reward… watch a movie, to go to the park, a scoop of their favourite ice cream, family night with a takeout… and keep track of it all simply.



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