wedding planner

Planning a wedding is exhilarating…

And although the truth is that it takes alot of co-ordination…it doesn’t need to be daunting…

Think of it as planning a really big party… there’ll be lots of choices and there’ll be lots of advice, …

So let us share what we think is the most important piece of advice … STAY ORGANIZED..

Stay organized and savour the experience...

Whether you’re a seasoned wedding planner, or a first time bride and groom…

part of the unique experience we want you to enjoy is making the big decisions … what flowers? what venue? what’s the menu? how many guests? what’s the theme?…

they’re your decisions to make for one of the most important days of your life… we can help as you make these decisions.

We can help ... how ?

Use ezyorganizer to create and manage a wedding plan… here’s some great features:

  1. we’ve done the thinking for you, get started with our helpful starter list of todo’s & decisions..
  2. track the status of todo’s & decisions..
  3. With VOICE CONTROL….don’t swipe… don’t type… just speak.. use your voice to tell the app what you want to do.
  4. control spending with budgets..
  5. share the plan with family, friends, wedding planner or suppliers..
  6. assign todo’s to involve others..
  7. share pictures..
  8. set alerts to never miss a date.
  9. see your plan on our handy and helpful calendar.
  10. use our powerful search to easily find todo’s.

and much more…

We offer a 7 day trial before payment.... cancel anytime

Download the app now and let us help you enjoy this wonderful time of your life !.