Wedding Planner

The excitement of planning a wedding is exhilarating….

And although the truth is that it takes alot of co-ordination…it doesn’t need to be daunting…

Think of it as planning a really big party… there’ll be lots of choices and there’ll be lots of advice, …

So let us share what we think is the most important piece of advice … be ORGANIZED.

We’d like to help you and everyone involved enjoy and savour the moments leading up to the big day  …

Whether you’re a seasoned wedding planner, or a first  time bride and groom…

Ezyorganizer won’t promise to make the big decisions for you… what flowers? what venue? what’s the menu? how many guests? what’s the theme?

why would we… that’s part of the unique experience we want you to enjoy…. they’re your decisions to make for one of the most important days of your life….

A personal assistant in your pocket.

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